The ROI of Training: Training Makes Your Business Run Better

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An organization is only as strong as its weakest link – making knowledge and skill development essential to your success. Research shows that while training your employees on the effective use of your software systems – especially your ERP system – can be somewhat costly, it's a necessary investment.

In the process of implementing a new software system, the users must OWN the system at some point. Outside ERP consultants move on to other projects, and you must take responsibility for reaping the promised value of the software. Without properly trained employees, the software will not improve your business – it could, however, make it worse.

Here are just a few reasons to train your employees well:

Enhanced Skills and Abilities/ Impact on Others

The right training provides employees with the skills necessary to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, which increases productivity and quality of work. This includes understanding how the system works and how it affects others in your core business processes. If they don’t enter data correctly, for example, incomplete or inaccurate information is passed down the line, making it difficult for the next department or team to make sound decisions.

Increased Internal Growth and Advancement Opportunities

Promoting internal employees is less expensive than hiring new people, as that process involves recruitment costs and hiring fees. Ongoing training opportunities, however, give your current staff the knowledge they need to fulfill the requirements for new internal jobs or be promoted.

Increased Employee Retentionhappy employees

Employees want to feel like part of a team. Helping them understand the big picture and how their tasks affect the system as a whole will help them understand their importance.

In addition, investing in employees' knowledge shows them they're valued – they're worth the extra time it takes for training. This reduces turnover and increases morale. Training your employees, therefore, will end the need to constantly recruit new talent.

Increased Employee Morale and Job Satisfaction

Employees who are effective tend to have a higher sense of job satisfaction. Trusting your employees with the system and teaching them how to use it correctly increases their effectiveness and therefore their job satisfaction. This leads to increased productivity and, in turn, increased profits.

Awareness of Weakness and Skill Gaps

With ongoing training, businesses can better identify gaps in the skill sets within teams. Managers can more easily assess skill sets, allowing them to provide each employee with the training that will help them effectively fulfill their roles.

As with any business investment, you should discuss and design a well-developed plan before implementing any new training schedules.

If your business is ready to incorporate employee development and training, let us help. Contact Acuity today for more information.

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