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The ROI of Training 2: Training Fosters Job Satisfaction

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Our last post, The ROI of Training: Training Makes Your Business Run Better, discussed the benefits of investing in employee system training and its impact on your ROI. Now, let’s consider training in relationship to employee job satisfaction.

Staying competitive in the marketplace is increasingly challenging. However, investing in the professional growth and development of your employees – especially training them on the use and benefits of your company’s ERP system – will lead to higher employee and customer satisfaction, lower costs, and faster growth.

Here are just a few ways that training fosters job satisfaction:

triumphant_employee.jpgDevelopment of New Skills – Empowerment!

Empowered employees are assets. Professional development is important for job satisfaction and motivation. ERP training improves employees' skills – making their roles clearer and increasing job satisfaction in the process.

Increased Employee Engagement – the Big Picture!

ERP training will also contribute to the overall success of the ERP project. Employees will understand the “big picture” mission and goals of the organization overall and feel like a part of something much larger than their individual positions.

Positive Work Environments – Better Tools!

Inefficient, manual processes bog down your employees and create a negative work environment. A new ERP system, tools, and proper training will enhance employee satisfaction, promote collaboration, increase efficiencies, and boost profits.

If your business is ready to get more from your systems through better training and understanding of those systems, let us help. Contact Acuity today for more information.

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Joseph Timmins