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Consulting is not prescribing. Success for your team comes from a complete approach that allows us to meet your team, your technology, and your needs where they are today, then work with you to plan for where you want to go tomorrow. As a necessity, consulting is a unique process for each of our clients because no two businesses are the same.

The three key components in a consulting engagement that provide for your success are: (please click on each step in the sidebar to learn more)

Strategic Planning for ERP 

While we are not strategic planning consultants, we will take time to understand critical elements of what your company wants to be and where you want to go.  This is key input to an ERP project.

To implement systems that support growth, it's critical that we understand and take into consideration strategic factors.  Your ERP system should reflect those factors.

Business Process Assessment

The Business Process Assessment is a key learning experience for both you and the team at Acuity. In every assessment, we've seen our clients come to a new understanding of the way they accomplish business today.  With our help, they’ll see the way this can be done in the future, or what we call the “Vision”.

For example, we’ll step through the entire order-to-cash process, looking at each process, transaction, and document used for flow, approval, use, and storage. We’ll have all necessary team members in a room together, and many times they'll come to understand, for the first time, how the end-to-end processes work.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we'll have mapped out both current and vision processes supported by the ERP software.

Effective Project Management

Effective project management comes down to clear communication and early intervention. As your partner in deploying a successful new ERP system, it's our job to keep the project on the agreed upon timeline and deliver clear communication.  We also will be direct with you about project challenges.

With over 100 ERP implementations in our history, we have experience in sizing, managing, and successfully completing system implementation projects. Our goal is always to have no surprises, so you’ll know on a weekly basis how we are accomplishing the project, the agreed upon budget, and where we see the potential for problems to arise.