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How many clients do you have?

We currently have more than 50 client installations; many are highly active and we correspond with them on a regular basis. Our installations grow dynamically and we are constantly expanding users, adding modules, and broadening the use of the system for our clients.

What is your advantage over your competition?

Although technology has advanced at an unprecedented pace, there is no substitute for the personalized service and knowledge we provide for each of our clients in their unique situation. Clients engage us because our experience, approach, and responsiveness, combined with our commitment to their success, has created an educated and experienced staff with a simple mission: "Our clients will succeed!!" 

What does Acuity provide?

We provide you with a balanced approach to improving your business operations using, specifically, products (software), consulting (strategy, process assessment, project management), and services (training, installation, conversions, support).

When will the benefits of a new system be realized?

Often, "low-hanging fruit" problems are fixed immediately. Deeper benefits are realized approximately a year after the "go live" date, particularly in the form of several months of data, a chance to improve system use, and deriving benefits from a wide range of reports, including proactive alerts. In short, having timely and meaningful data to make insightful business decisions is the true benefit. 

What information and resources does my company need to provide?

We need to know about your current system needs and the business objectives you're hoping to achieve. It is imperative that you allocate sufficient time for system users to be trained and to practice with the new software. Above all, we require that our clients are completely open with us as to their business practices and the reasoning behind them so that we can best optimize for success.


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