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Choosing Your Ideal ERP Solution

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We’ve now worked through our transactional business processes as well as cringe-worthy tasks in need of improvement. So let’s move on to step 3 – how to choose your software features.

Choosing the right ERP software will take some time, but making the right selection will have a dramatic positive impact on your business.

What to consider when selecting an ERP solution:

Choose a Solution that Suits Your Business Needs More than Wants

A Ferrari is a want. A reliable, economic car is a need. Taking the time to think through messy processes to identify well-thought out needs will help you clarify desired solutions. This exercise will help you know what must be fixed, and how potential ERP solutions will do so.

Choose a Solution that Solves Long- and Short-Term Goals

If your needs list is too lengthy, identify the pain points that prevent you from achieving success on a daily basis. Prioritize these items and begin addressing them one by one. Some may be immediate, some may be more long term – but typically, they cannot all be addressed at once, so prioritizing is critical.

Choose a Solution that Meets the Needs and Goals of the Whole Team

ERP, enterprise resource planningConsider the people and resources necessary to achieve your desired end result. Who will lead the initiative? Who are your end-users? Does the solution include functionality that will be beneficial to this group(s)?  Who will be responsible for its implementation? Are they forward-thinking and open-minded enough to adapt to the new solution?  

Your project team should include a combination of senior management, IT staff, and end-users to ensure your strategy aligns with overall business goals and objectives. Strive for quantifiable process improvements to measure implementation successes and validate (or not) your decision.

Choose a Solution That Will Grow with Your Business

The ERP should be scalable and flexible as your business grows. Plan this out. Begin by incorporating features and functionality to meet present operating needs first. Then proceed to “phase II” improvements.  This will manage costs and lessen business disruption.

A good software demonstration will help you determine the features and functionality best suited for your business needs.  For more information on how to choose your ideal ERP solution, contact Acuity Consulting Group.

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Joseph Timmins