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ERP Solutions: Making The Right Choices

By Joseph Timmins

Every year there are a variety of new technologies and services popping up, with solutions to problems both new and old. All new technologies and software tools can be attractive and cause a rush for implementation, but that doesn’t always mean they’re the best solutions to meet your needs and requirements. With so many existing and newly-released ERP products, it’s important to understand what your business specifically needs prior to shopping for business software.

Questions to Answer When Replacing or Choosing New Software Depositphotos_34871895_original

  • Does my company take advantage of existing best practices?
  • Do we have a clear picture of our pain points and potential ROI sought?
  • Do we understand what is entailed in an ERP project, not just an ERP purchase?
  • What have we done in the past that has worked well/ hasn’t worked well?
  • What ERP solutions have proven successful?
  • What ERP projects have gone well?


Understanding your own business in terms of the current technological landscape is important to find consistencies and good fits for new technology and ERP solutions within your business. Preparing your company to deploy these through an effective project is key.


What New Technology & Data Is Available?

Technology advances at a torrid pace.  But not every company needs the newest and the best of every software package. Working with an ERP consultant who is continually exposed to new technologies and solutions is a great way to find out what’s new, and what applies to your business. Experienced and knowledgeable ERP consultants will provide your team with the right software or solutions to suit your needs. They’ll help you avoid costly mistakes when chasing after “innovative” technologies that don’t apply or won’t help your business.  They’ll also set expectations in getting you from a demo to a buying decision to an effectively implemented solution. They’ll know what it takes!


Whether you’re looking for a system upgrade, opportunities provided through new software, or a specific type of data-interoperability to speed up information exchange, an ERP solutions consultant from Acuity Consulting Group can help. For more information about ERP solutions call: 401-243-8480.

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