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Why Invest in ERP Training?

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Why Invest in ERP Training?

Many companies invest in hard assets – machines, buildings, equipment – when something is essential to Why Invest in ERP Trainingtheir operation. An often forgotten investment is the one in your workforce. Consider investing in ERP training to improve your employee’s knowledge and skills.  This will benefit your company. Management may hesitate to invest in ERP training.  Benefits are softer than the measurable ROI from capital investments. But ERP training can prove hugely beneficial to both staff and management.  It provides skill improvements, employee engagement and job satisfaction. Additionally, many states have programs that incentivize companies to train.  This keeps them competitive, prevents them from moving and retains good paying jobs.  My home state of Rhode Island, for instance, provides grants for workforce development that are really company friendly. http://www.gwb.ri.gov/

Understanding Your ERP Systems

Whether you have an existing ERP system or are implementing a new one, it’s vital that your employees are properly trained. If knowledge of your ERP system is limited, your company will be less productive, less efficient, and your employees will be frustrated. With a small investment for ERP training of your staff, you’ll increase their efficiency and your employee’s sense of usefulness.  Plus, you’ll pay ERP expert consultants to teach you to fish, not to fish for you – which will saves money in the long run and is the right way to spend consulting dollars.

Well Defined Training to Mitigate the Impact of Employee Turnover

It’s inevitable in your company - there will be employee turnover. You can’t prevent that. But what you can do is ensure that have the right resources to understand how your ERP works. These resources will help “newbies” learn your ERP quickly and to make them productive in their new role. Quite often, when a staff member leaves your company, knowledge leaves with them. This presents challenges that are remedied through proper training.  Again, an investment in ERP training helps replacements hit the ground running— with the same effect of improving efficiency and job satisfaction. Welcome new employees the right way – with proper training.

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Joseph Timmins