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ERP Workflows Offer Structure to Growing Businesses

Posted by Joseph Timmins | November 9, 2017

As your manufacturing or distribution business grows, your processes become increasingly complicated. To remain competitive, you need to develop workflows that are supported by your ERP. 

Workflows that are supported by ERPs ensure employee consistency, meaning employees will:

  • Know how tasks are done
  • Know how their tasks fit into the overall process

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ERP Puts Your Critical Business Information to Use

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 24, 2017

Because every business thrives on the data its employees collect while performing their daily tasks, it follows that the easier it is to capture and share data, the more effective your business decisions will be.

That's the essence of ERP’s value.

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Use ERP Automation to Manage Your Business by Exception

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 10, 2017

You don’t have time to sift through numerous reports each month to determine the health of your business. Instead, you should use the automated alerting capabilities within ERP to know when operations are falling out of range.

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Optimize Your Quoting and Pipeline Visibility

Posted by Joseph Timmins | September 19, 2017

While your CRM and ERP don’t absolutely need to be integrated to gain visibility into your sales pipeline, integration surely helps. It’s good to know your customer’s history (ERP) when providing them a new quote (CRM). It’s also good to know pipeline (CRM) and predicting capacity by open orders (ERP) more accurately. Let’s delve into the quoting process as it occurs in one of today’s modern ERP systems.

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Topics: ERP, Pipeline Visibility

Hope Global, Rhode Island Manufacturing, and ERP.

Posted by Joseph Timmins | August 25, 2017

I had a chance to sit with Tom Ferrucci of Hope Global recently.  Tom is their Vice President of Information Technology.  Hope Global is a sizable, well established Rhode Island manufacturing company. 

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Topics: manufacturing, ERP, Rhode Island

Is Your End-of-Month Close Taking Too Long?

Posted by Joseph Timmins | August 10, 2017

Small and midsized businesses often purchase ERP software assuming it will make their entire business run smoothly, including finance and financial reporting. Many businesses, however, continue to struggle when it comes to closing their books each month and reporting on financial health. 

If it takes your company a long time (perhaps 20 days) to close your books or you cannot quickly and regularly obtain comparative financial views of the business (I.e. quarter-to-quarter, year-over-year, etc.), your ERP may be missing critical features.

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Costing and Pricing Made Better with ERP

Posted by Joseph Timmins | July 27, 2017

Costing and Pricing is Simply Better with Modern ERP

Most businesses do well at figuring their cost of goods for simple products. But, once a product becomes more complex in terms of its raw material inputs, supply changes, or commodity price fluctuations, costing can be a challenge. If you cannot understand your products’ true costs, then you cannot price them competitively either. That leads to eroded profit margins or lost business.

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Topics: ERP, Costing and Pricing

The Benefits of Worker Training Grants

Posted by Joseph Timmins | July 13, 2017

Choosing an ERP system to manage your business is an important step – but it’s only half the battle. The biggest benefits come to the businesses that take user training seriously in preparation for Go Live. A well-deployed ERP solution is characterized by the usage of several, not just a few, features and functions of the new software, which can only result from good training.

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How Training Will Improve Your Lean Manufacturing

Posted by Joseph Timmins | June 22, 2017

For Lean to be a success in your company, training is critical. Here are four areas to consider for your current training program to help you build a Lean-enabled workforce.

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Topics: Training, lean manufacturing

Maintaining Your Lean Culture with Operator Training

Posted by Joseph Timmins | June 7, 2017

Lean focuses on efficiency, productivity, and workplace morale by eliminating activities that don’t add value to your manufacturing process. Lean helps companies attain their goals using tools and approaches that are easy to apply, which reduces waste and costs.

They just make sense!

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