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Press Release: Macola Reseller Group Files Suit Against ECi Macola

Posted by Acuity News | November 15, 2018

Acuity Consulting Group is part of the Macola Reseller group who have taken legal action in response to ECi’s recent decisions and announcement regarding channel partners and customers. We strongly believe in protecting the long standing customer relationships we have built over the past 15 years.

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When Upgrading Your ERP is Worth the Pain

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 25, 2018

There’s never a perfect time to upgrade your ERP system. You either lack the time, people, or budget. And, despite vendor claims, often the upgrades aren’t worth disrupting the business. However, sometimes the disruption is more than worth it. Those times are rare, but they occur when market conditions and technology advancements are so compelling that you would be foolish to skip the upgrade opportunity. 

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Why You Need Macola’s Proactive ERP Tools – Triggers and Actions

Posted by Joseph Timmins | June 13, 2018

The business world relies on automatic email notification – routinely getting advice about shipments, payments, orders, stock levels, deliveries, invoices, and more – because people expect real-time business transactions and 24/7 updates. Yet many ERP users, especially those with older systems, still don’t provide real-time information to customers. Why? Because those systems were based on paper (e.g., printed invoices) and are costly and inefficient at meeting contemporary customer expectations.

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Humanizing the Modern Manufacturing Workplace

Posted by Joseph Timmins | May 30, 2018

How bad is the dehumanizing environment in some manufacturing companies? Consider the recent article in The Atlantic, In Praise of Short-Term Thinking, which states, “Machines do replace humans. In fact, replacing humans is often entirely the point.”

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How to Transform a Growing Manufacturing Business with Modern ERP

Posted by Joseph Timmins | February 14, 2018

How to Transform a Growing Manufacturing Business w

If you run a small or midsized manufacturing business, you know how difficult it is to transform operations and position your company for significant growth – that’s why our recently published case study about Rhode Island-based Denison Pharmaceuticals is a must read.

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Considering a new ERP? Look at Your Organization First

Posted by Joseph Timmins | January 24, 2018

I meet companies every day that are limping along with older enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and think new will always be better. There’s no question that ERP capabilities now blow away what was available 10 years ago and annihilate what was available 20 years ago – but that’s purely from a technical function standpoint. Way more important is your organization’s capability.

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Why Everyone Should Know About Your Inventory

Posted by Joseph Timmins | December 6, 2017

Which of your products should you offer on special? Which should be marked up? How should you bid on that major RFP received by your sales team? If you can’t answer these types of questions in a matter of minutes, you’re falling behind competitors who manage inventory with better ERP systems.

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Content You'll Gobble Up

Posted by Joseph Timmins | November 21, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays – which means busy, busy, busy! Now’s the time to start taking small escapes from the hustle and bustle so you don’t get burnt out.

And we’d love to help! We invite you to relax and learn from some of our best resources.

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ERP Workflows Offer Structure to Growing Businesses

Posted by Joseph Timmins | November 9, 2017

As your manufacturing or distribution business grows, your processes become increasingly complicated. To remain competitive, you need to develop workflows that are supported by your ERP. 

Workflows that are supported by ERPs ensure employee consistency, meaning employees will:

  • Know how tasks are done
  • Know how their tasks fit into the overall process

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ERP Puts Your Critical Business Information to Use

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 24, 2017

Because every business thrives on the data its employees collect while performing their daily tasks, it follows that the easier it is to capture and share data, the more effective your business decisions will be.

That's the essence of ERP’s value.

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