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Can Your Workforce Thrive on a New ERP?

Posted by Joseph Timmins | February 23, 2021

New software – specifically an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system like SAP Business One – is a big deal. The potential impact on your business is tremendous:

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An Effective ERP Implementation

Posted by Joseph Timmins | February 2, 2021

As a small business owner, your time is always in short supply. Managing tasks, customers, and daily activities leave you with no “bandwidth.” This is difficult – in fact, nearly impossible – without a well-deployed software system (an ERP) to run your business. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems have great capabilities and offer your business a game-changing level of control. But companies often misunderstand the key to achieving ERP success: an effective implementation.

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SAP Business One and Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Legacy Software

Posted by Joseph Timmins | December 18, 2020

A ‘legacy system’ is outdated software, generally 10 years old or older. Legacy systems are being replaced but are still widespread in the small to medium enterprise (SME) market space. Companies rely on legacy systems for many reasons: dislike/fear of change, sunken cost, a desire to avoid downtime, and more. This reliance is ill-founded.

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SAP Business One and AWS: How Small Companies Can Take Advantage of Big, Powerful Technology

Posted by Joseph Timmins | November 19, 2020

Most businesses know the importance of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and cloud computing. Now, business owners are doing more, including deploying the best ERP system – SAP Business One – on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Actively Road-Mapped Modern ERP vs. Maintenance-Mode Legacy ERP

Posted by Joseph Timmins | November 3, 2020

There’s a significant distinction in the small to midsized enterprise (SME) market space between legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and modern ERP systems like SAP Business One. Admittedly, transitioning ERPs presents a hurdle for most customers, so they can be resistant to change. To exploit this, some organizations (acquirers) purchase SME ERP legacy software companies.

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How Running SAP Business One on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Helps Small Businesses

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 12, 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 services for businesses of all sizes. Millions of customers use AWS to lower costs, improve agility, innovate faster, scale, and grow. They do so via AWS services that enable them to run applications, ecommerce, and their infrastructure in the cloud.

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The Cloud Has Your Back with Better Security, Updates, Backups, and Disaster Recovery

Posted by Joseph Timmins | September 24, 2020

Why are businesses increasingly turning to cloud computing, even for ERP?

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A New World: Remote Workers and Why the Cloud Is a Must-Have

Posted by Joseph Timmins | September 4, 2020

Before March 2020, many (if not most) organizations required employees to spend their days in offices. Then COVID-19 hit, forcing businesses to quickly shift to remote work to stay afloat through stay-at-home and social distancing orders.

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Acuity Partners with Lemongrass to offer SAP Business One on AWS

Posted by Joseph Timmins | August 5, 2020

Press Release August 5, 2020

Acuity Consulting Group LLC is proud to announce it has signed a partner agreement with Lemongrass Consulting. Acuity is a long-term partner of SAP Business One. Lemongrass Consulting is a leading provider of solutions for SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By partnering with Lemongrass and bringing together SAP B1 and AWS, Acuity offers an unparalleled ERP solution to the SME market.

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Why Your Business Is More Valuable If You Run Excellent ERP Software

Posted by Joseph Timmins | March 9, 2020

The global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market is worth $41.69 billion, and anyone who uses an ERP understands why – because ERP systems handle all your business’s diverse functions, including:

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