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3 Ways Upgrading your System can Save You Money

Posted by Joseph Timmins | October 5, 2015

Upgrading a PC is something that most people overlook. If it already appears to work fine, why mess with it? It seems like a waste of money upgrading a PC when there's no obvious reason to do so, but so often problems with your PC aren’t immediately obvious. Unlike many other appliances, a lack of cosmetic damage to your PC doesn’t mean it’s running efficiently, or working effectively. In the long run, upgrading a PC can save you lots of money. Here are a few ways that upgrading regularly is more cost-effective than waiting until a critical issue drives you to upgrade.

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Computer System Should Be the Latest

Posted by Joseph Timmins | September 20, 2015


Many businesses simply don’t plan upgrades to their office computers and network.  Why replace “old reliable?”  But requiring upgrades is inevitable.  And hopefully, not at the point, where SURPRISE – you’ve got a blue screen of death.  Procrastinating on upgrades can also cause you costly productivity setbacks. Here are a few reasons for you to upgrade:

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