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3 Ways Upgrading your System can Save You Money

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Upgrading a PC is something that most people overlook. If it already appears to work fine, why mess with it? It seems like a waste of money upgrading a PC when there's no obvious reason to do so, but so often problems with your PC aren’t immediately obvious. Unlike many other appliances, a lack of cosmetic damage to your PC doesn’t mean it’s running efficiently, or working effectively. In the long run, upgrading a PC can save you lots of money. Here are a few ways that upgrading regularly is more cost-effective than waiting until a critical issue drives you to upgrade.

1) Avoid Crashes and Loss of Data: One of the most common problems clients have when their business Acuity_Blog_-_iStock_000018101024_Smallsystems crash is that their onboard data is lost. This might be due to a number of different factors, but more often than not it’s a result of outdated hardware or software. Upgrading regularly ensures you don't lose all the data you have for a project through a crash.

2) Keep Ahead of Competitors: In this day and age, it's more about what you can provide to your clients that your competition can't. Upgrading may give you access to new software or functionality that your competitors won't have access to until they go through an upgrade process.

3) Loss of Associated Hardware: When a business system crashes, sometimes the internal elements responsible for the crash can take other pieces of hardware with them. It’s not uncommon to see a processor fail and take the motherboard and the ram along with it. By upgrading regularly you avoid this problem, keeping your hardware running for as long as possible without having to fork out money for new parts due to an accident.

Getting to grips with how upgrading a business system can save you money differs from company to company based on your current system specs and what is considered modern for your business segment. Contact Team Acuity and we can help guide you on what is your best course of action for upgrading your business system.

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Joseph Timmins