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Can Your Solution Grow with Your Business?

By Joseph Timmins

Congratulations! You have made it through the process of mapping out the features you want to see addressed and other functionalities of your ideal software solution.

Here are some growth considerations when selecting your new ERP:

Speed, Storage, and Network

As your business grows, will your ERP system fly or fall? What occurs when you hit the system's limitations? Will performance suffer and user frustration set in? Will you need to invest in unexpected, costly upgrades?  These scenarios are possible, but not desirable, so make plans to thwart them ahead of time

Increase in Usersbusiness growth

Adding ERP users is a simple way to scale a solution. Most systems will allow you to increase your "named user” count fairly easily. It's a cost you should consider in advance, however, as the price can vary considerably between systems. Above all, don't make a decision without full knowledge of the terms of the license agreement, any associated support and maintenance costs, and monthly or yearly fees.

System Functionality

If business objectives shift, your ERP solution will need to accommodate these changes. Security features, workflow processes, and reporting capabilities may need adjustment. A flexible, well-designed ERP solution will adapt to new business needs with minimal interruption.

Platform Requirements

Platforms also play an important role in assessing your ERP solution’s scalability. First, consider how users will use the system. Do they need remote access? What operating system components do you need? Will the system be on-premise or hosted in the cloud? Addressing these items and making decisions early in the process will save both time and money as you progress.

Your ERP solution should support your business as it grows — not restrain it. During a software demonstration, come prepared to discuss both your current AND future business needs. Do you foresee adding features and functionality in the future? If so, what customization and integration options does the new solution offer? Take the time to document questions and scenarios for growth — and give them to the presenter in advance so they can cover them in your demo.

For more information or to request assistance with ERP and demo prep, contact us today.

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