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3 Reasons Why Your Business Computer System Should Be the Latest

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Many businesses simply don’t plan upgrades to their office computers and network.  Why replace “old Acuity_-_image_3_reasons_why...reliable?”  But requiring upgrades is inevitable.  And hopefully, not at the point, where SURPRISE – you’ve got a blue screen of death.  Procrastinating on upgrades can also cause you costly productivity setbacks. Here are a few reasons for you to upgrade:

1) Better Compatibility: Many software programs no longer support outdated hardware and older machine. Running new software on old computers can be painful at best, impossible at worst. Most software companies develop their solutions around the latest OS, or database.  They retain support on older platforms, but never indefinitely. And, it’s on their terms not yours.

2) Less Chance of a Crash: Faster machine mean better processors, software compatibly, and less possibility of your computer locking up in the middle of an important operation. Nothing is more unproductive than redoing lost work when you’re a victim of a computer crash.

3) Use New peripherals: Although many peripherals (e.g. scanners, printers, RF devices) can be used with any sort of machine, they’ll have more functionality when attached to newer platforms. Why limit your options by putting new peripherals on old hardware?

So having a fully upgraded machine benefits you in a wide variety of ways. If you worry about cost, or go by the motto of "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" time to rethink. Preventative upgrading is far better. If you would like more information on options for upgrading hardware and ERP systems, contact Team Acuity today!

Please check out our video on ERP solution, Exact Macola.          

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Joseph Timmins