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How Running SAP Business One on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Helps Small Businesses

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 services for businesses of all sizes. Millions of customers use AWS to lower costs, improve agility, innovate faster, scale, and grow. They do so via AWS services that enable them to run applications, ecommerce, and their infrastructure in the cloud.

We provide SAP Business One deployments to our clients. This is possible because we partnered with Lemongrass, who developed deployment tools for SAP Business One on AWS.

Here are a few things AWS can help your small business with.

Infrastructure costs

AWS charges only for the services you use, so you can reduce – or eliminate – costs associated with infrastructure, hardware, and systems administration. You’ll no longer need to maintain on-premises equipment, employ a large IT team, or worry about running out of physical or data storage space.

The cloud

With desktop virtualization, document sharing, and other resources, you can run your entire business from the cloud with AWS. Any employee with access to a PC or virtual desktop can access applications, documents, and resources from anywhere in the world.

Ecommerceamazon web services, AWS

AWS offers cost-effective solutions for online sales and retail, including site hosting and automated order-processing for smooth, efficient financial transactions. AWS’s technology also allows you to update orders, utilize inventory tracking, and use software development kits for platforms like Java, PHP, and Ruby to meet customer needs.

Managed services

Don’t have enough technical knowledge or can’t afford an IT team? Don’t worry – many providers offer a managed AWS service that removes the technical complexities. With AWS’s flexibility, you can completely outsource the technical side of the operation, work with experts for special projects, or something in between.

Application hosting

AWS makes managing your mobile and web applications easy. With straightforward deployment, management, scaling, monitoring, capacity provisioning, and load balancing, your apps will work better, be more stable, and offer your customers a better experience.

Data storage

Even small businesses produce big data, and on-site storage management can be costly. With AWS, you have infinite and automatic scalability with no up-front costs for building a storage system. And you’ll only pay for what you use.

Mobile solutions

With mobile versions of AWS’s management console for iOS and Android devices, you’ll have anytime/anywhere access to their services.


The Amazon Web Services data centers offer multiple layers of physical and operational security. The company maintains high standards, follows strict guidelines, and meticulously maintains its facilities – including conducting regular audits and constantly monitory activity – to ensure infrastructural and data security.

AWS is the worldwide leader in cloud computing because of its flexibility, agility, scalability, and security. With AWS, small businesses have everything they need to grow at an affordable cost.

If you’re considering a new ERP, SAP Business One V10 HANA 2.0 on Amazon Web Services is an excellent option. Contact Acuity and we can help.

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