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6 Reasons to Run your Business on a Great ERP

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Reason# 1:  A Good ERP Can Help You Achieve Consistency 

A good (well-deployed) ERP will help your company through transaction accuracy and flexible reporting.  You’ll get insight into key metrics like profit margins, inventory turns, and quality.  A good ERP will produce a single source of “the truth”.  That “truth” is an objective portrayal of the state of your business and will allow you to be a data-managed company. With tools to measure sales, production, inventory, and purchasing, ERP will allow you to make sound decisions, run your business wisely and manage growth.

By using an ERP system properly, your company will get into a regular cadence of purchasing, producing, shipping, taking orders, and producing financial reports.  Extracting information will become a monthly, weekly, or even daily activity you will come to rely on. You can create calendars, see shortages and changes before they happen, and be proactive rather than reactive.  This approach permits you to consistently monitor the health of your business and to do so well.

Everyone in your organization will have access to the same vital data, consistently shared across departments. You also have the option to interface your ERP software with other systems as business dictates (WMS, eCommerce, EFT, AP automation…)

The right ERP system will help facilitate and collect very accurate data, accessed in real-time and consistently.  It eliminates the danger of human error by minimizing manual data entry and re-entry. This provides more precise reporting and forecasting.  As a result, you’ll make confident operational decisions and will be prepared for the future. With more user-friendly options, both managers and end users can get information without the use of IT, business analysis resources, or complex reporting tools.  Reporting can be done daily to a regular, consistent cadence.

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Joseph Timmins