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Do Your ERP Users Have the Skills to Capitalize on New Software?

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Peter Drucker said, "Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Does your company “teach to fish”? Upskilling your staff is a key consideration when evaluating a new ERP system because knowledgeable, competent employees make contributions that create more dynamic and productive workplaces.

Executives and managers who commit to new ERPs must also create a culture of continuous learning for users behind the keyboard, tablet, smartphone, or scanning gun. Some think, “What if I spend money on training someone and they leave for a better job?” We say, "What if you don't train them, and they stay?"

So what are the benefits of upskilling?

Improved Morale

Upskilling empowers employees, promoting feelings of appreciation and value. Any knowledge an employee gains also improves their confidence in completing existing tasks and taking on additional responsibilities.

Higher Employee Retention

Upskilling will increase employee job satisfaction and reduce costly employee turnover.

Increased Productivitytraining

Upskilling will refine existing skills and hone new ones. Employees will do their jobs more efficiently and competently, wasting fewer resources, money, and time -- all while producing higher quality work.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Upskilling will equip users with the knowledge they need to tackle a variety of customer needs and complaints in a professional and timely manner. (Remember, happy customers equal loyalty and future revenue.)

Upskilling is costly and time-consuming, but the long-term benefits of a well-trained staff outweigh short-term costs and disruption, so create the right upskilling culture for your ERP system.

For a better understanding of the training necessary during a software implementation, download our eBook How Much Consulting Do You Need? or contact us today.

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Joseph Timmins