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Decisions Based on Data – Not Alternative Facts

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Today, lean manufacturing decisions are made objectively – versus subjectively – because better data is available. Manufacturers now have deeper insights into their business by knowing order history, costs, inventory, lead times, scrap, etc. The data comes from well-implemented ERP systems and offers opportunities for leaner processes through planning tools that synchronize production to customer demand.

Lean business operations have always relied on data to establish processes; data also helps monitor processes to keep them running smoothly. Newer ERP systems now help businesses fine-tune processes due to their collection of data that is more meaningful.

So what are some ways you can realize better data-based decisions?

Separate Facts (Data) from Opinions

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Employee opinions will inevitably work their way into your decision making instances. While participation should be encouraged, opinions lacking solid data and supporting numbers are questionable.  But data-based insights provide visibility and result in greater productivity that can be tracked and measured over time.

Invest in Data Collection Solutions

Robust data collection solutions (WMS, RFID, machine controls, etc.) will help you accumulate the data necessary to perform a proper analysis; data collection also allows you to gain quantifiable insights to drive process improvements that benefit both you and your customers.

Establish Clear Objectives for Your Data

It's important to establish how data will influence decision-making and achievement of business objectives. Perhaps you want to evaluate the potential of a new opportunity. Or maybe you want to resolve an on-going business problem. A clear understanding of your end goal will focus your analysis and answer the question, “What data do I need to gather?”

Software Deployment Webinar

Leveraging the power ERP solutions, manufacturers now have the ability to drive better, leaner ways of doing business – including data-driven decision-making. If your business is considering an ERP solution, the experts at Acuity would love to help you implement a solution that meets your business needs! Contact us today for more information.

Joseph Timmins