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It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays – which means busy, busy, busy! Now’s the time to start taking small escapes from the hustle and bustle so you don’t get burnt out.

And we’d love to help! We invite you to relax and learn from some of our best resources.

These Stranger Things are Critical to Your ERPcritical-things.png

Joe Timmins, president of Acuity Consulting Group, discusses the critical things every manufacturing CFO should get from their ERP system. 

You spend money (sometimes way too much!) on an ERP system before the terrible truth comes out – the software doesn't deliver what you expected or, worse, what your business needs.

Joe reviews these critical things your ERP system should deliver and why: 

  • Dependable financials
  • Pipeline visibility
  • New technology with automation

Watch the on-demand webinar here!

SAP Business One and LeanLean Words.jpg

We were surprised to learn that many manufacturers don’t think lean manufacturing and ERP systems can play nice together – but they can! Which is why we created a concise 14-minute video that shows how SAP Business One supports lean manufacturing.

Learn best practices, including:

  • People and teamwork
  • Focus on processes
  • Systems and how they help people and processes

Don’t believe the alternative fact that lean and ERP are in conflict – thanks to technology, they’re closer than ever! (Especially with SAP Business One.)

Watch the video here!

Also, because we know not everyone is a visual learner, we have an ebook on the same topic.

Lean blogs CTA rectangle

How ISO + Systems = Improved Customer SatisfactionISO-eBook.jpeg

We review ISO 9001:2015 ebook and address some common misconceptions about ISO. You’ll learn how ERP and ISO work together to deliver increased customer satisfaction.

Read the ebook here to learn how to:

  • Integrate with operations
  • Identify necessary improvements
  • Implement a compliant electronic document management system

and more!

ISO blogs CTA rectangle

Thanks for taking time to check out our content – we appreciate it.

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Joseph Timmins