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On-Demand Webinar: SAP Business One and Lean

How ERP Software Supports Your Lean Journey

On-demand now! Join Joe Timmins from Acuity Consulting Group as he dispels the myth that ERP systems and Lean can't play nicely together. You'll also learn how SAPlean manufacturing Business One supports Lean.   

In 14 minutes, Joe reviews best practices for manufacturers:

  • People and teamwork
  • Focus on processes  
  • Systems and how they help people and processes



There are great synergies between Lean and ERP. In the past, these two initiatives were thought to have been in conflict, but they've come closer together with technology and the expansion of Lean, and we feel strongly that the Business One solution services the Lean journey very well, and the examples of how this is so is dashboards, alerts, approvals, and best practices.

About Acuity Consulting Group:

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Acuity is a software and process implementation and consulting firm. We believe that technology doesn’t solve problems if it isn’t properly applied to the right issues, and if your staff doesn’t know how to use the technology, it does your company no good. You need to balance technology, consulting, and training against the budget you can afford and the goals you are trying to achieve. This is something we never lose sight of.


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