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Education and Training

Education is about learning what the systems can do and how they can be applied to your specific business challenges. Training is about doing what you need to do within the system and within your processes.

Our goal in working with you is to provide both.

As we work through the planning and business requirements assessment, you can expect a great deal of education. You'll come to understand the best practices we implement in all of our projects, and we'll help you understand what's possible with today’s technology. Education and the assessment process help our organization understand what we want to do training on.

As we implement your solution, we'll provide an initial overview of the software functions and processes so your staff has answers to their "what do I need to know to do my job" questions. Once your team has practiced and gained familiarity with the day-to-day processes, we continue to conduct follow-up sessions for specific questions and irregular transactions/situations.

Your team experiences this training in a safe setting through a pilot or demonstration company. Working together, we’ll develop a customized training schedule for each staff member to learn the system. The goal is to develop your team's confidence and experience before you go live with your new system.

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