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On-Demand Software Deployment Webinar

Software Deployment

Joe Timmins of Acuity and Evan Berk of Certus Technologies inform and educate in this on-demand webinar on Software Deployment. 

What does your current business look like? Are you a small operation that is focused on efficiency versus growth? Or, are you an organization with a large amount of outbound activity that requires a nimble IT infrastructure?

In just 45-minutes, Joe Timmins, President of Acuity Consulting Group and Evan Berk, Managing Partner at Certus Technologies will educate and guide you through software deployment.

In this on-demand webinar, Joe and Evan discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 4 common software and deployment options.

The four software deployment options are:

1 - On-premise solutions

2 - Public cloud

3 - Private cloud

4 - Software as a service (SaaS)

About our speakers:

EVAN BERK:  Evan founded and developed a highly successful ERP and CRM software business with a staff of over 40 professionals dedicated to helping clients improve their business processes and increase profitability, which he later sold. Evan is responsible for Certus’ overall business development, as well as sales and marketing.


JOE TIMMINS: Joe is the President of Acuity Consulting Group. He oversees our business and is responsible for business development, overall service quality, and management of our company. Under his leadership, Acuity has been awarded Exact’s Executive Circle Distinction, (indicating a top 10% business partner performance).


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About Acuity:

Balance is word you hear a lot these days.  Generally, it is someone talking about work-life balance. We believe strongly in that kind of balance, and we’ve built our clients success on providing the right balance of consulting, technology and education.

Technology doesn’t solve problems if it isn’t properly applied to the right issues. And if your staff doesn’t know how to use the technology, it does your company no good. You need to balance technology, consulting and training against the budget you can afford and the goals you are trying to achieve.  This is something we never lose sight of.



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