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You May Not be Considering ISO, but Your Customers – and Your Competition – Are

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Unhappy customers who share their bad experiences with other customers – both current and prospective – will damage your hard-earned reputation. Using an ISO quality management system, however, will avoid this scenario by helping you satisfy existing customers and perhaps even gain new ones.

ISO - International Organization for Standardization - Concept. Keys with Golden Keyring on Black Wooden Table. Closeup View, Selective Focus, 3D Render. Toned Image..jpegHow ISO Standards Help

ISO standards help you transform your internal processes into an effective system that meets (and often exceeds) customer expectations. Implementing ISO requires your management team to consider organizational operations, strategy, and staff needs. It also focuses on meeting customer needs.

An ISO-certified company has implemented the following:

  • Procedures to cover key business processes
  • Monitoring methods to ensure the effectiveness of the processes
  • Quality data management to check for defects (complete with corrective actions to improve quality)
  • Accurate history from quality data management
  • Continuous review and improvement to maintain effectiveness

Internally, ISO standards work to align customer expectations with company goals, creating an organized operating environment to improve quality, decrease waste, and drive better financial results. Benefits to implementing ISO standards extend to external customers and suppliers, which supports your organizational commitment.

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Improving Your ISO Processes

And what can make your ISO processes even more effective? The right ERP system! ISO tracks improved customer retention rates, quality information, procedures, corrective action reporting, dashboards, and more – all of which can be managed right within your ERP system.

Nowadays, most customers are tuned in to what they can expect from ISO suppliers. If you’re not paying attention to ISO, perhaps your competitors are – and perhaps your customers are seeking them out instead.

Is your business pursuing ISO certification or enhancing your ISO program? If so, let the experts at Acuity advise you on how the right ERP system will support your ISO efforts! Contact us today for more information.

Joseph Timmins