Take advantage of your ERP Provider's Customer Portal

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ERP Customer Portal Advantage

If you run an ERP solution, or you are considering one, it’s a good idea to inquire about “customer portal” ERP Customer Portalaccess. Most ERP companies use portals to disseminate important information about their solution.  This includes beneficial links to various subjects: technical, sales and training for example.  Customer portals are typically paid for through your maintenance dollars. If you let maintenance lapse, you won’t have access to this resource.  Many companies don’t take advantage of the portal.  They should.  In successful ERP deployments, users are trained, self-reliant and resourceful. They get the most of the company’s investment, and they understand a robust ERP solution.  The customer portal is an asset in meeting this goal, and making you successful.

Here are a few pointers on finding out about your ERP customer portal:


-       Ask your Value Added Reseller about the customer portal and how to access it

-       Find out who in your company has access and how they utilize it

-       Get a “tour” – either through a video (if available) or from a portal power user

-       See if you can find specific information for your company – license, support requests, transactions

-       Remember much of the information on the portal is restricted to customers and VARS.  Don’t consider general Google and You Tube searches as adequate alternatives

-       Make sure you are on email distribution from your ERP publisher for important notifications

-       If you attend a user conference, seek out portal experts for advice

Most people understand that information is “out there”. Finding it is the challenge.  For ERP – go to your portal.  For more information about ERP software to fulfill your needs contact Acuity Consulting Group today: 401-243-8480.

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