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Custom Made System Implementation Strategies Provide the Key to Success

By Joseph Timmins

How do you remain competitive in today's technology-driven marketplace? Modern businesses often turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for a cost-effective, performance-driven end-to-end solution to emerging needs. Gone are the days when manual processes performed by segregated departments functioning with little collaborative effort and poor inter-departmental communication methods were sufficient for productivity and profitability.

However, while acknowledging the advantages of an ERP solution, owners of many small to mid-sized business are concerned about how to successfully implement a new, sleeker system to replace outdatedScreenshot_2015-06-26_08.01.01 methodologies company-wide. In order for an ERP solution to be effective, system implementation must be handled thoughtfully and carefully. 

How can this be achieved?  A first step must be to clearly define the purpose of using ERP for your particular business. Every business has a unique mission and a culture, which supports that mission. Any ERP solution chosen must mesh with the objectives of your business in a synergistic way. A careful comparison of different ERP products will enable you to choose the correct software and tailor it to your unique circumstances. Working with a professional team of consultants will help you find solutions that will be a good fit for your company culture.

This is an important step, as employees often resist changing familiar processes for better ones if they cannot see how the new ERP system will improve their workflow as well as advance the overall objectives of the company as a whole.

A big advantage to ERP software is its flexibility. With a comprehensive understanding of the needs of your business, an ERP specialist can easily customize your software to optimize your ROI. Once you settle on a software solution that matches your requirements, your consultant can help you convert your existing data, install and configure your software, train all users, and even provide ongoing support after installation. A professional ERP consultant will make your transition from older methodologies to more agile solutions seamless, painless, and immediately profitable.

For more information about our software products and services, please contact us. Working with your choice of SAP Business One or Exact Macola 10, we will customize either product specifically for you and support you through every stage of implementation and beyond.

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