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Information Overload - How to Catch the Eye of Potential Clients

By Joseph Timmins


What gets your attention? ERP System outputs include digital options and printed reports.. When it comes to providing data, you have to figure out what method is best for informing (or perhaps even alerting) key Acuity-Blog_image_for_info_overload_iStock_000068598811_Small_1personnel. Many times companies provide information, on pre-conceived data dissemination mores.  This can be a mistake. There is a real difference between printed communication, dashboards and digital alerts.  But not all are automatically understood and accepted. Old habits, can work, but certainly die slow.

The Digital vs Paper Debate

Not everyone sees the benefits of screen-based notifications, email alerts, or text messages.  Not everyone will opt for an ERP dashboard vs. paper-based reports. Perhaps it’s a generational thing, but paper still works for some, gets the job done and can feel far more “tangible”. This will gradually change because of the natural technology comfort of the next generation.  There are advantages to digital - good for the environment, cost savings (printers, cartridges, envelopes, stamps) and most importantly efficiency – If done right, digital gets people what they need when they need it! From the perspective of today’s business, electronic notifications are the better than traditional, and if you don’t realize this, perhaps your competitors do.  So to be clear, the advantages described, can be significant.

On a final note, make sure your user audience understands benefits and options.  Take the time to explain advantages of newer technology.  If users adopt, and see the benefit, that’s great. If they don’t you can still buy paper!


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