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ERP Best Practices: Take a Process Approach, with your VAR, to Improve

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A common mistake we see with ERP clients is that they try to reinvent the wheel. Unfortunately, a problem first gets identified and then, those involved, feel obligated to come up with a solution.  While we do applaud originality, often its better with the help of an outsider’s perspective.  Why?  Value Added Resellers who deploy ERP have wider experiences and more knowledge of “what’s out there”.  

Example: We recently were asked to integrate a spreadsheet into our ERP for cost estimating purposes.  Instead, we built the same spreadsheet as a user defined table directly into the ERP.  This systematized what was needed and got it off a person’s desktop.

Rather than solving it yourself, ask your VAR first.  Let them research and find functional solutions, or options, to familiar problems. When it comes to ERP software, never jump at a solution.  Rather, use a process-based approach.

What does that mean?

We suggest “blueprinting” the process both present and proposed.  The approach to do the trick is this: Configure the software, or perhaps use an add on, that meets a well vetted process.  This includes set up, testing, modeling and training so that the new process is well understood, and the cutover is well executed.   Also, if users are involved, and facilitated by the VAR, the solution has a much higher chance of success – they’ll own it!!  Remember too that someone, somewhere has solved something similar…so don’t re-invent!!!

Businesses these days are very dynamic.  That necessitates a never-ending focus on change and improvements.   By solving specific issues well, you are well served by creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement.  Your environment will be noticeably more positive. 

Recently, improvements like EFT, AP automation, proactive alerts, automatic statement generation and document management are great ways to improve time and money savings. But these things are best when thought through…and with the help of your VAR. 

If interested, contact us to learn more about process improvements and what we’ve achieved with Boyum and SAP Business One.  This is a great way to help your operation! 

Joseph Timmins