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Perform Better with a Powerful ERP

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Changes in our business have been dramatic, particularly from a technology perspective.  On the other hand, the things our clients must do have sort of remained unchanged – even though the way they do them certainly has. 

Daily life at our clients is characterized by many common requirements.  They all need to buy raw materials and they do so by placing PO’s.  They pay their suppliers.  They build products and they inventory finished goods.  They enter sales orders based on what their customers want. They pick or drop ship these orders and invoice their customers.  All the while, they must be cognizant of pricing and costs.  All of this is part of the daily cadence of clients we have the privilege of working with.  

To streamline these activities and monitor performance, new ERP systems, like SAP Business One, offer significant benefits.  As transactions are entered, the software builds history and provides reports and analytics which our clients use to control their business.   

Acuity has been in the business of delivering ERP systems to our clients for over 25 years.  Our clients recognize the value of investing in a great ERP system.  A famous investor recently noted “We are in danger of focusing on the wrong investments' '.  We could not agree more. Think Robinhood GameStop versus putting dollars toward making “widgets”.  Widget production offers an economically viable future, helps suppliers, builds good jobs, and adds real wealth.

Acuity focuses on manufacturers and distributors.  Many of our friends should be commended for withstanding the challenges of COVID and fierce competition from overseas.  Thanks to those who have recognized low interest money as an opportunity to invest in their operations and provide good livings for their employees.  

We look forward to your further growth and bright future.

Joseph Timmins